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Hello Friends!

Are you looking for an exciting leadership role? Are you 16 years or above? At HR Legends, we strongly believe that: 

  • Young leaders like you have valuable ideas, opinions, creativity and ability to get developed
  • Young leaders are great advocates for change and have the talent to make projects successful
  • Young leaders should be given the opportunity to take a leading role in issues that affect their lives, society and economy of country.

Young leaders always make Conferences, Events and Projects successful and do it better because they feel having FUN doing them. 

HR Legend’s Youth Inspire program is aiming at developing future Leaders of Pakistan. The purpose of the Youth Inspire program is to identify young leaders from different universities, colleges and institutes and then making them future leaders of Pakistan by providing them different learning and development opportunities to ensure they have all the required skill set of future needs.


In youth inspire program, we first identify the people who are willing to part of the program and know their: 

  1. Urge to bring a positive change in the society 
  2. The current level of leadership competency
  3. Career aspirations
  4. Personal development needs
  5. Based on the findings in the above four areas, students are provided an orientation training of the youth inspire program and a training to inspire and motivate them towards achieving their goals to become leaders.

    The future leadership development process is completed through initiation of different projects for community welfare and HR development that can help youth gain people skills, public speaking power, finance management, strategic thinking and analytical skills. 

Youth Inspire Program Ambassadors: 

All members of youth inspire program become HR Legends Youth Ambassadors. The ambassadors are part of a dynamic group that increases public awareness, promotes community service and volunteerism, civic engagement, life skills and leadership. 


  • One of the main objectives of this inspirational program is to Develop basic skills in you that Employers look up to the people who accurately interpret and organize their thoughts and apply them in the most efficient way. This Program will surely make this development possible by extensive and exclusive training.
  • YIP program will help the participants to gain much confidence over their sense of creativity and business skills in order to become young innovative Entrepreneurs as entrepreneurial ventures are much needed for a prosperous society. 
  • YIP helps you to cover certain research areas (that are important for predicting certain market trends) through different trainings.
  • The participants will be provided with an immense opportunity of managing the exclusive events for gaining ever best work experience. The objective of this is to promote the importance of volunteerism and professional development in youngsters.
  • The participants will be encouraged for Articles and Blog Writing son different aspects of society. So that they will be able to outstrip their writing and interpreting skills.
  • The participants will be trained enough to carry out their own training session sin which they will be trainer themselves.
  • Different placement opportunities will also be provided to participants in the future.


If you are interested to become member of youth inspire program of HR Legends and your age is between 16 to 25 then you are requested to send your resume at with the reason to become part of this program. 

Campus Ambassador: 

If you want to be ambassador of the youth inspire program in your university or institute please contact the Team Leader of Youth Inspire Program at or WhatsApp at +923334030119 

Once you are selected for this program then you will be provided a basic training for developing leadership and interpersonal skills and then you shall be deputed projects related to any of the following areas: 


  • Community Service Projects (Basic Awareness, Health, Child Education & Domestic Violence)
  • Sports & Gala
  • Events & Seminars
  • Public Speaking (Anchor and Interviewer for web TV)
  • Trainings & Capability Development
  • Buddy Trainings (working with senior trainer)
  • Book Writing and Publishing
  • Articles, Blogs and Magazines
  • Digital Marketing 

Note: Youth inspire program ambassador will be given experience certificate and also they can earn money from some of the projects given above.