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Since inception, the founder of HR Legends is striving to help individuals and organizations in their personal, professional and organizational development.

HR Legends Forum

HR Legends Forum with its driving value of developing human resources, buffering the potential of employees and courage to take the initiatives in all facets of management; always strive for the betterment of human capital through acknowledging their talent, arranging conference & seminars on innovative topics, arranging meet ups and workshops on emerging trends in all major cities of Pakistan.

HR Legends Forum has a firm faith to take the initiatives for the betterment of human capital by practicing the key objectives of this forum to help the corporate sector in conquering their goals. This forum feels pride in helping people and corporate sector in recognizing their needs and preparing their human capital for future.

This forum has been contributing to corporate and public sector for more than three years with full passion and zeal to address corporate issues with proactive approach. With the aim to better serve the society and leverage our youth’s potential; the founders of this forum took the initiative with the courage and support of best team members and management professionals to give foundation to this forum.  Management team of this forum comprises of an Advisory Council, Founder, Chapter Leads, Operational Team and Volunteers to work with chapter leads. HR Legends Forum strongly believes in “Life is not for accumulation it’s for contribution”

Business Consulting Services:

At HR Legends, we help organizations in achievement of their business goals by supporting them in the following areas:

–              Strategic business planning

–              Organizational restructuring

–              Recruitment & head hunting 

–              Customized Training Programs

–              Leadership Development Program

–             HR Policies & Procedures Development

Our Vision: To be a leading organization recognizing and developing human resources working in all facets of management by generating development opportunities for them.

Our Mission: Adding value to society by providing cross-functional knowledge and networking opportunities to people working in the corporate and public sectors in different departments. Also bridging the gap between top executives and junior professionals, with the purpose to recognize their achievements and generate development opportunities.

Purpose: The purpose of HR Legends Forum is to:

  • Bring realization in the society for developing the potential of human resources working in all functions of management with special emphasis on recognizing their achievements.
  • Taking socioeconomic steps for empowerment of society where all citizens of the country can avail their potential for the collective benefits on an equal basis and shape a gender sensitized, violence free, independent, and peaceful society.
  • HR Legends by taking social responsibility shall take steps to keep the work and efforts remembered of youth and professionals working at all levels. 
  • Highlight working professionals in society to make them known as Legends by providing them opportunities to highly their work.

Goals and Projects

HR Legends Forum is purusing its goals with the help of below kind of projects: 

  • To develop a knowledge and information sharing platform with the emphasis of highlighting efforts, achievements, and knowledge through recognition.
  • Arranging Events, Conference and Seminars related to all domains of management
  • Employee welfare initiatives and projects for human development, and health improvement initiatives in remote areas
  • Publishing a management Magazine for Professionals covering the below:
  • Human Development initiatives in remote areas (Child Education, Healthcare and challenges such as domestic violence, developing attitudes and skills for better future).
  • Hall & Wall of HR Legends
  • Leadership and Peace Building
  • Promoting Skill Development
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Counseling and helping for crisis and conflicts resolution
  • Arranging free Medical Camps for Women in remote areas